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Interview with Loulou

Bee Funny's portrait

Our 4-year-old correspondent Bee Funny recently caught up with Loulou to see what she is all about and how she inspired the cat in We Move Together.

Photo of LouLou on the ground, looking up

So Loulou, tell us what you think about We Move Together? Do you love how it is about disability community and culture? 

A book about disability?! What are you talking about? This is a book about me! Everyone is talking about me. Aren’t they? Isn’t this a book about me? I’m on so many pages! How could it be about anything else? Hey, did you see the fish I got from that delicious cat restaurant beside the ice cream shop? 

Oh, yes, that fish looked like it had seen happier days. What made you want to be in this book? 

I mean, why wouldn’t I want to be in a book about me? When Anne and Eduardo and Kelly contacted me about their book, I thought to myself, who are these novice author-illustrators?  Are they really going to be able to capture my unique self? But when I saw some of the sketches and ideas for the text, I said wow, they really get me! You know I do a lot of sleeping and napping and lying around, but beneath that sleepy fuzz, there’s a tiger! Did you see my tiger performance? I bring that same ferocity when I’m sleeping too. It’s brilliant how they captured that. 

What are some of your best memories of making this book? 

Well, I slept through most of it, so I don’t really remember everything. I liked going to the grocery store. There was that awful time when I couldn’t get into the library. I still haven’t gotten over that! I also wasn’t quite sure what to make of the working dog I kept running into all the time. That dog was never willing to take a nap! What’s with that? We could all use a nap!

I take naps sometimes.

Lucky for you! All that posing I had to do for the illustrations, it was really exhausting. There were times when it really stressed meow-t! Sometimes we need to take a break. 

What do you like to do when you aren’t napping?

The community garden is great to roll around and hopefully they plant some catnip this year. Community gardens should be for all of us! There’s usually a human there that will give me a scratch around my ears and that is something I really like. I also like to climb trees and sink my claws as deep as I can into the trunk. Hey, did I tell you about the cat restaurant with the great fish? It’s around the corner from the flower shop, near Two Scoops. You can take the bus there. 

What’s next for you? 

With spring just around the corner, I’m looking forward to going to the cat restaurant now and again when I run out of Meow Chow. I might spend some time bowling. I’m a real alley cat! I’m also waiting for Kelly, Anne, and Eduardo to pitch a sequel. Now that we have a hiss-tory of working together, I think I could be purr-suaded! But I’d definitely want to include more naps in the production schedule. Hey, Bee Funny, I’ve got a joke for you: Knock-knock!

Who’s there?


Cat who?

Catch ya later!